The Metal Recycling sector plays an integral role in supporting the UK’s waste sector. Therefore, it is vital that AMI-CO remains operational and plays its part in supporting that important supply chain at this critical time. However, common sense , a responsibility for our own actions and the welfare of those all around us and the COVID19 Government guidelines must be strictly adhered to.

AMI-CO are continuously monitoring the developments in relation this universal threat and our top priority is the health of our employees, their families, customers, suppliers and our community.  As a leader in the local and national waste sectors, we must also ensure that our  infrastructure remains available for all. Therefore, the team at AMI-CO have taken  further steps to protect everyone who is connected to us.

To that end we have made temporary changes to the way in which we operate.

  • Opening Hours – We are open, but you must make an appointment to gain entry in order that we can maintain social distancing and ensure all safety measures are in place.
  • We will only accept material from suppliers that hold existing AMI-CO business accounts (VAT registered). If you do not have an account and require one – email
  • Appointments – For the common good and to minimise the number of people we have on-site, please advise us by phone that you will be visiting ,so that we can prepare for your arrival. The yard gate will be opened on your arrival and closed when you depart. Our contact details are at the foot of our website.
  • The weighbridge will only operate remotely. All contact with the weighbridge staff must be by telephone. The phone number to contact will be provided to you when arranging your appointment and will be displayed on site.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times No paperwork will be signed and all Documentation must be electronic . IE. All documentation will be emailed to you at your email which is registered on your AMI-CO account.
  • Vehicle preparation – **Social Distancing** Drivers must return to their vehicle before AMI-CO staff approach to conduct an inspection or to be offloaded by a material handler. NB – Allow extra time for turnaround since these added steps will obviously increase the process – so be patient.
  • Non-ferrous loads  – we will only pay on out-turn.
  • Loads will only be accepted if the material can be tipped by the supplier’s own vehicle or if the material is contained in bins or stillages that can be offloaded by mobile plant. We will not permit any manual handling of materials on site.(common sense)
  • Once the material is unloaded you will be required to leave site. We will then weigh and pay into your account. This will help to limit interactions between our non ferrous operatives and customers thus ensuring we cover all options for personal safety.
  • All payments will be made direct to your account at the end of the month.  **Social distancing**
  • Finally, upon arrival at AMI-CO, if we have any doubts as to your welfare and we think that you are displaying any symptoms of Cov19 we will ask you to leave our premises in order to protect those on site and our greater community.

We apologise in advance for any disruptions to service, but we must ensure the safety off all concerned and adhere to the temporary legislation. We will  resume normal service as soon as the Government adjusts its guidance and when we can be assured of our staff and clients well-being.

Thank you for your cooperation at this unprecedented time and ensure that you keep yourselves and your families safe. If you have any questions about our any of our services, please email or call the office.

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