Factory Services

Factory Services

metal-servicesWe provide a Total Care package to our suppliers.

We provide:

  • Free of charge skips provided to customers for metal collections.
  • Skips from 4 cubic yard to 45 cubic yard.
  • Sealed drums, bins and similar receptacles.

Our service:

  • Provide a service to customers within 24 hours of notice.
  • Operates with a safety and compliance first policy.

Our methods:

  • Provide full audit trail traceability and covers all environmental procedure.
  • Put you, the supplier or customer first.

We are:

  • Accredited to ISO 9001 ISO 14001


  • Phone: +(044) 114 269 3888
  • Fax: +(044) 114 269 2888
  • Email: info@ami-co.co.uk
  • Address: Old Wagon works Rotherham Road Beighton, Sheffield S20 1AH

Please contact us for a quote or full list of our services & products.

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